About Us

Thank you for visiting 21-Gun Salute, a Veteran/family owned business. 


21-Gun Salute Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create garments that show appreciation for service members past & present and to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

 21 Gun Traditions: 

To date, the 21 Gun Salute is one of the best-known military traditions. This long-standing tradition was created to honor the dead by showing their weapons were no longer hostile in the line of duty. Today, most military funerals get a 3 Volley Salute, consisting of a seven-man firing squad with one commanding officer. During the funeral services the firing squad fires three shots from all seven rifles, this makes a total of 21 shots. The tradition comes from a cease-fire where each side on the battlefield could clear their dead. The firing of the 3 volleys indicated the dead were cleared and properly cared for.

Our company is based on military traditions and honoring the fallen that died for our great nation, those currently serving and surviving veterans. Our Nation’s Flag is asymbol of freedom that we enjoy today because of our Military members past and present.    

 The Team:


A Veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Jay served as a Military Police Officer for 10 years. Jay is a 4th generation service member with a long family history of military service. In 2008 Jay met the love of his life, Mayra (the boss), during his military service they created an amazing family with three young children and two family pets. He has background in information technology and maintains the online store and customer concerns.



AKA: the Boss

In 2008, Mayra’s life changed forever, and she met her husband, Jay. Little did she know, that in a few years she would be moving halfway across the country to be by his side during his service in the military. Jay and their 3 beautiful children are her driving force for this company she has created. Together as a family of 5 they have conquered the struggles and overcome many obstacles of living a military lifestyle.  After seeing how much her husband has struggled with life during and after his military service, she is overjoyed to see a glimpse of hope and passion for something he truly believes in. Mayra has a passion for drawing, creating & designing. She creates all of our designs and transforms them into to the amazing garments and products you see on our website.  Mayra is responsible for most aspects of 21-Gun Salute as well as caring for her family. Mayra takes great pride in her designs. Seeing them come to life is truly inspiring.


Future Business Plans:

As we grow our business our main objective is to donate 10% of our profits back to nonprofit Veteran organizations, that will positively impact the servicemen & women who have proudly served our Great Country!